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Great American Spaces brings natural beauty, warmth and texture to your walls, ceilings and more.

People love the look of reclaimed and vintage woods. From walls to ceiling, they give spaces a sense of history, personality and warmth. But anyone who’s tried to use them knows they can be hard to find, hard to work with and costly.

Great American Spaces transforms environments with tongue & groove and shiplap planking that lets homeowners and contractors faithfully recreate popular American interiors—from rustic to vintage, and cabin to coastal—quickly, easily and without the hassle of reclaimed woods or the disappointment of inferior reproductions.


Vintage designs—from rustic barnwood to coastal beadboard—are authentically reproduced using solid pine, tongue & groove and shiplap planking that’s ready for fast, easy installation by both professional and DIY installers.


Authenticity is the hallmark of these interiors. Real wood brings the outdoors in with real warmth, real texture and real vintage character for walls, ceilings and a lot more. And they’re authentically American in more than looks—they’re engineered, milled and finished in the USA, exclusively by Great American Spaces.

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How to Create Your Own Great American Space

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Get inspired

Browse our gallery for great ideas on transforming your interior spaces with the natural warmth and beauty of wood. You’ll find inspiration for new construction and renovations. Home, office and commercial spaces too.

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Find the collection that fits you

Whatever your style—rustic, coastal, cabin or modern farmhouse—you’ll find a collection that lets you create the look you want. Explore here to find a collection that fits you.


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Locate a dealer near you

Found what you like? Now find it near you! Great American Spaces products are available at hundreds of dealers across the country.