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Builder Program

Precision in Every Plank: The Beauty of Engineered Wood

Project Profection

Are you considering integrating Great American Spaces into your upcoming projects? We’ve thoughtfully developed a Builder Program tailored to provide you with essential resources, enabling you to seamlessly blend the classic charm of aged wood into spaces that are sure to captivate your clients. By joining our program, you’ll gain access to a range of benefits designed to enhance your projects and business.

Order Samples

Sample Materials

  • Product Displays: Showcase the beauty and quality of our products directly to your customers with our display materials. This visual aid can be a game-changer in helping your clients envision the final look of their spaces.
  • Complimentary Samples: We understand the importance of texture and color in making decisions. That’s why we offer free samples, allowing you and your clients to experience the look and feel of our products firsthand.
  • Rebates and Credits: To support your business, we provide rebates and credits, making it more cost-effective for you to choose our products for your projects.
  • Personalized Support: Our dedicated product specialists are here to offer personalized, hands-on assistance. They can guide you through product selection, provide expert advice, and answer any queries you might have.
  • Flexible Scheduling for Calls: We value your time and are ready to schedule calls at your convenience to discuss your needs, offer insights, and answer any questions.
Order Samples

Order Samples

Please limit sample order to 4 or fewer samples. Need more samples? Contact Us.

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