Easy BarnWood

The rustic, weathered look of barn wood.

Complement any space with the rustic, natural warmth and dramatic character only found in real wood. Our unique texturing and staining process creates the look of weathered barn wood with the affordability and easy installation of new planks.


      •  1 x 8 knotty pine boards
      • Choose from v-groove or square edge tongue and groove
      • Matching trim available
      • Touch up kit available


This natural pine product includes characteristics such as knots, broken knots, splits and some warping. Color and texture variations are also common. Expect to sort and lay out boards prior to installation to meet your specific expectations for usable material. Defects can be cut out and discarded. Depending on your specific threshold of “rustic,” waste factors of 10% or more may be expected.




Style Easy BarnWood
Plank Size

1 x 8

Plank Length 16 ft
Type Solid #3 Pine Tongue & Groove
Edge Profile T&G V-groove & Square-edge
Coverage 9 sq ft per 16′ board
Matching Trim 1 x 4 x 12 ft
1 x 8 x 16 ft (Solid #2 Pine Textured)
(Touch up kits available)
• Sterling Gray
• Covered Bridge
• Old Barn Gray
• Traditional White

*All dimensions are nominal.


What makes the Great American Spaces Easy BarnWood Collection better than our competitors?

  • It is made from a high grade of Ponderosa Pine, so it is 100% real wood, bringing the outdoors in with warmth, texture and character.
  • Our prefinished, tongue & groove planks ensure that the wall surface behind the planks does not peek through, and the tongue is completely prefinished so small spacing/gaps between planks are not noticeable.
  • Our proprietary prefinishing process brings the laid-back style of reclaimed barn wood interiors to your space.
  • Our finishes are eco-friendly using a safe, water-based finish and require low-to-no maintenance.
  • It is proudly made in the USA in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Can Easy BarnWood be installed on ceilings?

Yes, Easy BarnWood can be installed on walls, ceilings and more. Follow installation instructions found in the Installation Guide tab above.

Can Easy BarnWood be installed on fireplace walls?

Always follow local codes. As long as the immediate surrounding of the fireplace opening is non-flammable, Easy BarnWood can be installed around it.

Is Easy BarnWood raw pine or is it prefinished?

Easy BarnWood is pine that is prefinished in 4 color options. There is no need to hire a contractor to paint/stain. Simply install the product according to the installation instructions found in the Installation Guide tab above and your project is complete.

Can Easy BarnWood be installed directly to the studs and skip the drywall step?

Yes, with our tongue & groove profile, the surface behind the planks will not peek through, however certain municipalities still require drywall in order to meet local building codes.

Can Easy BarnWood be installed directly over my drywall?

Yes, but Easy BarnWood is 3/4 in thick, so you need to take into consideration your interior window and door trim so as not to lose the shadow line if it has thin reveal. Follow installation instructions found in the Installation Guide tab above, with nailing directly into studs as the recommended installation.

Does Great American Spaces offer a product warranty on Easy BarnWood?

No, our products should never be exposed to the weather, so there is no need for a warranty.

Does Easy BarnWood require maintenance when used inside?

Easy BarnWood is a low-to-no-maintenance product when used inside. As with all wood products, you will experience slight color change over time.

Where can Easy BarnWood be used?

Easy BarnWood can be used on dry porch ceilings, interior walls and ceilings, wainscoting, fireplace surrounds, accent walls, bar wraps, interior barn doors and more. It’s not intended for use on floors, exposed outdoor surfaces or in areas with high humidity or contact with water.

Can Easy BarnWood be used as siding or in other areas that are exposed to the weather?

No, Easy BarnWood is not recommended for exterior siding or areas exposed to the weather.

Is matching trim available?

Yes, matching trim is available for our Easy BarnWood Collection. The trim comes in the following sizes:1 in x 4 in x 8 ft (While Supplies Last) 1 in x 4 in x 12′ and 1 in x 8 in x 16 ft. The actual thickness is 11/16 in.

Is a touch up kit available?

Yes, we offer a touch up kit that includes a touch up stain for end cuts and rip cuts ONLY, as well as a colored pencil for touching up the face of the product. The touch up stain is NOT intended for the face of the product. Always do a color test in an inconspicuous area to make sure the match is acceptable before proceeding.

Can Easy BarnWood be installed both vertically and horizontally?

Yes, Easy BarnWood can be installed both vertically and horizontally, according to your preference.

What is the best way to clean Easy BarnWood?

Dust with a soft cloth or vacuum using a soft brush attachment.

Is it normal for natural wood to have color differences or variations from board to board or within the same plank?

This grade of natural pine contains characteristics such as knots, splits, wane, and modest amounts of twisting, bowing and cupping. Color variation is common, and may be more noticeable around knots and heartwood. Some knot bleed, tannin bleed, color change and patina is common with finished wood products. Any characteristic that is unacceptable for your application should be cut from the piece prior to installing.

Installation Guide

All our products are designed for fast, easy installation by both professional and DIY installers. Compared to similar reclaimed or unfinished wood planking, Great American Spaces products install in about one-third the time and half the cost.

How much do you need?

Want to calculate it yourself?

square footage to cover + 10% for waste/trim ÷ coverage per board

I purchased the barnwood product for our pole barn’s bar and game room. We had to cut out a few more knots and other flaws than I would have liked, but the end result is amazing! It was easy to install and we get more compliments on the walls than we do for the arcade.

Tim of Greenwood, IN

Very easy to work with, can make a do-it-yourself homeowner look like the pros!

Mike G. NY