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One of our favorite times of year is the Home Builder’s Association Parade of Homes. Whether it be in the spring or fall, the PoH presents an opportunity for industry members and homebuyers to experience the latest trends and innovations from architects and home builders. In a number of recently built homes, our line of Real Wood Wall and Ceiling Collections was on full display. The creativity and style in which our collections were used surprised even us, and WE are the ones who produce these products! Here are some of the favorite applications we saw, we hope these homes provide inspiration to enhance your space!

Exterior Ceilings

A vibrant outdoor space was a consistent theme among many of the homes that we toured, as homebuyers are requiring comfort and ease of use, complimented by a strong aesthetic. Our Easy Barnwood and Shiplap collections provide a rustic style that is easy integrated with a number of designs. Whether it be a porch or a main entryway, architects and designers were finding ways to add a stylistic touch to these spaces. Below are some of our favorites:

Interior Ceilings

You couldn’t help but just say “WOW” when entering the spaces of some of these homes! A noticeable trend is that designers were using Great American Spaces to provide color and texture to the ceilings of large rooms, often providing complimentary colors to large beams within the home. Home buyers are looking for their space to posses style from top to bottom, and our collections provide the opportunity to elevate your style:

Dual Color Applications

Great American Spaces offer different texture and color options, and designers embrace those opportunities during the Parade of Homes. A softer, lighter color on the ceiling met with stronger, complimentary shades for room and wall transitions. This rustic feel incorporated in open floor plan designs was a popular trend among a number of homes that attendees were able to tour:

Classic Wall Applications

You certainly can’t go wrong with a classic application of wood wall paneling, and we saw a variety of uses of our products throughout the Parade of Homes. Smooth White Pine, a washable and wipeable product was popular for mudrooms and bathrooms, which more rustic barnwood or Premium Wood Paneling was found in bedrooms or in lounging areas. No matter the application, designers and architects were finding ways to utilize Great American Spaces throughout their homes:

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